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Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast serves as a digital portal to nurture and empower the Remnant worldwide. Join Dr. Michael K. Lake (Author of the Best-Seller, The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary) for in-depth teachings from God's Word that provide a balanced approach to life that is both Spirit-Filled and Hebraic. It's time to hit the challenges facing believers today head-on with biblical pri ...
SkyWatchTV is a new paradigm in Christian broadcasting, examining topics that most churches and Christian media prefer not to discuss. Ghosts, demons, giants, UFOs, spiritual warfare, conspiracies--topics that drive Christians to look outside the church for answers.Featuring longtime broadcaster Derek Gilbert and bestselling authors and investigators Tom Horn, Josh Peck, Joe Ardis Horn, Donna Howell, and Sharon K. Gilbert, SkyWatchTV brings you new content five days a week: Daily news update ...
Join Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Minister, Speaker, Author, and Talk Show Host Paul McGuire every Monday through Friday 4-6 PM ET.
This is a daily radio broadcast and webcast provided by Irvin Baxter, Endtime Ministries, and End of the Age.
Daily Renegade
Daily Renegade is the #1 source for everything Fringe-Christian. Founder Josh Peck has assembled a team of dedicated and brilliant hosts to offer the Christian public surprising truths that will not be discussed in most churches today. Check out for full videos, articles, and more!
Prophecy Watchers
Gary Stearman explores the world of Bible prophecy.
Jimmy DeYoung's broadcast that covers the political as it sets the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store
Bible Prophecy, Apocrypha, Scripture and Biblical CommentaryHosted by Shawn Ozbun.The reality is that our world is coming to and end. A major economic collapse is on the horizon and you need to to know the TRUTH so you can be prepared.
Bible in the News
Weekly analysis of world news events in the light of Bible prophecy, confirming the soon return of Jesus Christ to this earth. Produced Thursday every week by The Christadelphians. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store.
Each week on the Key of David Gerald Flurry discusses world news in the clear light of Bible prophecy.
Aloha Bible Prophecy - The official video podcast for the prophecy updates and teaching ministry of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe with JD Farag.
This is what the Sovereign Lord says: From the four winds come in, O Spirit, and breathe on these slain, that they may live. Ezekiel: 37:9 The long awaited Joel End Time Revival (Joel 2:28) is now global.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Prophecy' on SermonAudio.
Geopolitics and theopolitics: A View from the Bunker is a weekly discussion of physical manifestations of the eternal war hosted by Derek P. Gilbert, a Christian, husband and father, and the author of the groundbreaking books 'The Great Inception: Satan’s PSYOPs from Eden to Armageddon' and 'Last Clash of the Titans: The Prophesied War Between Jesus Christ and the Gods of Antiquity.' Derek has been a professional broadcaster since 1980, with a career that included stops in Peoria, Little Roc ...
Join us live for the latest in the news on Israel, Bible Prophecy, Christian music, interviews and much more. These are the show that talks about what matters! After Glow, Tonight Matters, Israel Watch, Grounded in the Word, The Scattered Sheep Report, The First Plumbline Hour are all found here! Visit for more show information!
Canary Cry Radio
Think Outside the Cage!
Conspiracy, your privacy, prophecy and the Bible. The perfect mix, right? Join us for engaging, informative talk radio with an edge. Current events, freedom, religion world crises and even a little UFO talk. Weekly episodes.We'll pull back the veil behind current events to show how so much of what's happening around you really isn't a surprise. God really isn't vengeful. He really does care. And we'll prove it.Voice of Prophecy
The Biblical Prophecy Program is a weekly program dedicated to teaching biblical prophecy from a futurist, premillennial, prewrath perspective. Produced by Eschatos Ministries | ALAN E. KURSCHNER of Eschatos Ministries is the author of Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Return of Christ. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Greek linguistics. He holds an M.A. in biblical languages (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) ...
Canary Cry Radio
Think Outside the Cage!
Powerful Bible teachings and present truth for this generation. Preparing a people for Jesus' Second Coming. Prophecy studies and prophetic interpretation of current events.
How Bible prophecy is fulfilled in the past, present, and future.
Christ in Prophecy
Proclaiming the soon return of Jesus Christ
To support this ministry financially, visit: compelling look at current events, Bible Prophecy and apologetics with interviews of well-known authors and prominent leaders from around the world.
Home of Pastor J.D. Farag, Middle East Bible Prophecy Updates, and Verse by Verse Teachings of the Word. MP3 Downloads and More.
Answering life's toughest questions with the Bible.
Night Shadows
News, Paranormal, Engimas and Mysteries
THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO with Russ Dizdar THE VOICE OF SHATTER THE DARKNESS Home of Theology for the 3rd millennium Home of The Black Awakening Coming end time events...are you ready??
Welcome to Prophecy Zone Radio your Ezekiel 33 watchmen on the wall. Bible Prophecy is the focus here at the PZR. We are hear to warn The world of coming Judgment that will full without warning. We will cover on this show the rise of the Mediterranean Union the empire of the Antichrist, Israels soon coming war with Russia/Iran/Turkey/Syria. The Mark of the beast technology and the New World Orders soon control of ever living thing on this earth. We will expose Satan's plan to control the wor ...
Bible Prophecy Radio is a Podcast that features commentator and author Elbert Hardy unpacking Bible Prophecies you won't hear anywhere else. He tells the real truth about the many controversies raised by Jesus himself to expose the fallacies currently held and taught by today's Prophecy teachers. Be ready for a few surprises with this hot topic half hour weekly.
I have been in pastoral ministry for over sixteen years. Prior to my pastoral calling, I became passionate and called to study Bible Prophecy. For several years I have been teaching a weekly Bible Prophecy study on Sunday evenings in my home church 412Church in San Jacinto CA.
SkyWatchTV is a new paradigm in Christian broadcasting, examining topics that most churches and Christian media prefer not to discuss. Ghosts, demons, giants, UFOs, spiritual warfare, conspiracies--topics that drive Christians to look outside the church for answers.Featuring longtime broadcaster Derek Gilbert and bestselling authors and investigators Tom Horn, Josh Peck, Joe Ardis Horn, Donna Howell, and Sharon K. Gilbert, SkyWatchTV brings you new content five days a week: Daily news update ...
Current events...ancient history...Bible prophecy. How does it all fit together? Find out now! Listen to Pictures of the End, a dynamic weekly 30-minute broadcast from Pathway to Paradise Ministries. Sharing the Bible's message for today.
Luke21 Radio features Catholic biblical prophecy taught in the tradition of St. Augustine with host Steve Wood. Learn more about what the Bible has to say about biblical prophecy and the end times at
To support this ministry financially, visit: compelling look at current events, Bible Prophecy and apologetics with interviews of well-known authors and prominent leaders from around the world.
Author and radio personality, James L. Paris, discusses news, politics, Bible prophecy, Bitcoin, UFOs, conspiracy theories, survival and preparedness, and a wide array of Christian financial issues. Paris' popular books are Executive Order 11110 - Did The Fed Kill JFK, How To Pray For A Financial Miracle, And Exposing The Ponzi Masters.
Prophecy Guys
Two divinity students (Sam Koekkoek and Jordan Magill) look at the modern classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer through the lenses of theology, philosophy and artistry!
Giving Glory to God from Sarasota, Florida
Answering life's toughest questions with the Bible.
We are warning of the dangerous times we are in! the Holy Bible says these are the end of times and the beginning of a new age brought in by our Messiah! We keep a close eye on the coming war with Gog, magog, Iran, ergo persia, and of course Israel
Prophetic News
Prophetic News is a Christian radio program lifting up the gospel of Jesus Christ. Exposing errors in the church, false prophets,and false teachers, all leading up to the great apostasy and the coming of the Antichrist.We will discuss how some so called ministries pimp for money, selling out Jesus, manipulating people for their own greedy motives. We want to teach people to give out of love and not out of selfishness. We hope to see the witchcraft and miracle selling used on so called "Chris ...
A Study In The Word is a daily teaching program hosted by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. Throughout this 30-minute program, associate pastors Loren Larson, Jim Woolsey, Bob Cornell, and others join Brother Swaggart in discussing biblical genealogy, history, prophecy, and end-time events in a detailed verse-by-verse format. The rich discussions and insights offered by these men of God on a myriad of biblical topics are extremely beneficial to every believer. For more information please visit www. ...
For over 30 years, Prophecy in the News has been at the cutting edge of Premillennial prophetic interpretation. PITN brings thoughtful and relevant Bible exposition, plus an exciting line-up of contemporary guest scholars and authors.
Omega Frequency
A podcast about the beginning of the end.
"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God . . . for we walk by faith, not by sight." (Romans 10:17; 2 Corinthians 5:7) Repent. Change Your Mind. The Kingdom of God Is Coming! The Merciful Servants of God provide Bible studies created to help you understand the TRUE message of the Bible and God's spectacular plan for Mankind. If you hunger and thirst for the TRUTH, tremble before God's words and His words are sweeter than honey to you, then this show is for you (Matthew ...
Jesus and the Apostles taught the return of Christ as imminent and coming in their generation. Did his prophecies fail or come to pass? Studies in fulfilled Bible Prophecy from the Preterist view.
The hour is late and there's no time to waste; now is when we prepare for the return of the king. Join me, the prophecy buff who tackles the tough stuff, for deep Bible study from an independent, Hebraic perspective.
rt Cambigue is the creator of this channel. We seek only TRUTH from the bible to explain prophecy and end time events. The studies we create are not associated with any church. We believe that the BIBLE and the BIBLE ALONE is our SOURCE OF AUTHORITY and our SALVATION is received only through FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. We believe in Christ’s visible and glorious appearing is imminent; therefore our goal is to educate with an understanding of God’s word in, especially the books of DANIEL and REVEL ...
Canary Cry Radio
Think Outside the Cage!
Firefall Talk Radio is home to the The Porch, an independent nondenominational ministry and the supernatural/paranormal investigative show Reflections In The Dark.Firefall Talk Radio committed to enlighten, encourage & inspire by shining the fire filled Light of Truth on current events, media, music and ministry. Just as the fire fell on Mt. Carmel to show whose god was God and fell in the Upper Room to infill Believers with Divine Power it also dispelled darkness in the wilderness for the c ...
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A new MP3 sermon from New Liberty Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: The Genesis Revelation Connection Speaker: Michael Wilps Broadcaster: New Liberty Baptist Church Event: Sunday School Date: 5/19/2019 Bible: Revelation 1:3, Revelation 4:11 Length: 22 min.…
On PTW, May 18th ... PTW: US-Iran War; EU concerns about Iran; the Golan, next Iranian target; the Pope wants a Global religion and government; Palestinians vow to destroy Israel; and the Alabama Abortion Law & more ...By Jimmy DeYoung.
Expositional teaching through the Bible at Calvary Chapel in Kaneohe Hawaii with pastor JD Farag. -- Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit
The Book of Jubilees 30-31: Jacobs Sons Slaughter Shechem For Defiling Their Sister Dinah by Shawn OzbunBy Shawn Ozbun.
PROPHECY HOUR: THE SOUL THE LINK TO YAHWEH Tom Mack http://whitestonefoundation.org AntiChrist Watchhttp://biblecodes.coAnother do not Miss End-Time Radio program as “We are Warning the World as it HAPPENS!” Please visitwww.prophecyhour.comAlso Also ...…
Is the Millennium Kingdom Age Present or Future? To request the handout to follow along with this episode, please email us at and reference Luke21 Episode 121.By Steve Wood.
The topic today is on the theological system of classical (Ryrie) dispensationlism, which pretribulationists affirm and thus believe that God does not work with Israel and the church at the same time. It maintains a sharp separation between the church and Israel to the point that not only are there two distinct entities—which I agree— but going ...…
In EPISODE 100 WHAT IS DIVINE THE PURPOSE OF THE UNIVERSE AND YOUR PLACE IN IT? author and host Elbert Hardy gives a new view of God's purpose for building the universe and what your place in that purpose, based on the Bible.By Elbert Hardy.
John Haller's Prophecy Update - "As in the Days of..."By Rapture Ready Radio.
View Study Notes To give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit The post Prophecy Update 2019-05-12 appeared first on Calvary Chapel Kaneohe.By CCK.
A breakdown of all of the Feasts of the Lord, and clearing up some major misconceptions about them. Please enjoy this study!… Read the restBy Charlie Garrett - Superior Word.
As the US cooperates on energy with Israel, Cyprus and Greece, Turkey finalizes its sale of Russian S-400s. Full text is on the way...By The Bible Magazine.
THE ELIJAH, the messenger of the covenant (Mal 3:1, Mal 4:5) instructs the church on the day and the hour unknown and the HOUSE we must keep, which does not belong to us. The House belongs to the LORD. The Day and Hour Unknown 32 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33 Be on ...…
The Holy Spirit speaks to and through the Church. Sometimes that voice of truth is there to heal, reveal and encourage. On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit made the Church His vocal cords. The Porch examines the importance of of prophecy as the culmination of the vocal gifts. The Book of Acts is the practical manual for the Church regardin ...…
Pastor Tom Hughes continues a study through Revelation he looks at the antichrist and what the future holds for him. In Revelation 20 we see that Jesus Christ defeats antichrist by using His Word and the power of it. Connect with Pastor Tom!---Facebook: @PastorTomH ...…
Dr. David Reagan interviews author Buck Storm on his book "Finding Jesus in Israel" on the show Christ in Prophecy.By Dr. David R. Reagan.
Josh discusses the resurgence of Mandela Effect theory and explains, step by step, how time travel, extra dimensions, and parallel universe may or may not play into it, while exposing the root of this strange phenomenon. Why is this REALLY happening? Find out here! Make sure to become a Daily Renegade Member and have access to full videos, ad-f ...…
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